Have you ever thought about owning a lake home but then asked yourself, “Why do we even need one? What’s so special about lake homes, anyways?” Allow us to enlighten you.

For starters, you’ve never woken up completely refreshed until you’ve spent a night (or weekend) at the lake. Waking up at the lake is so refreshing, because you tend to listen to your body more and your alarm clock less. Just imagine: You’ve stayed up late talking by the campfire, until the last ember finally went out, and then you decided to turn in for the evening. Then, in the morning, instead of being pulled from dreamland by a loud buzzing or beeping noise, you wake, tugged calmly and slowly back to reality by the crisp morning air and chirping of birds. As you lay there and let your senses all come alive at their own pace, you smell the freshness of the plants and trees, as well as that musky, yet pristine smell that only a lake has. Not only does your body get to rejuvenate a little, your attitude may also see an improvement. A happy, well rested body is more likely to host a less-stressed demeanor and overall more positive person.

Another huge but obvious benefit to owning a lake house is not having to travel as much. When you happen to get a long weekend or vacation from work, you no longer have to pack up your gear, load the vehicle, wrangle the family, or coordinate schedules with friends. You simply stay put — because you’re already on vacation time. Your gear is in the garage and your family is waiting at the dock. As for your friends, they are welcome to drop by anytime their schedule allows for it. Now doesn’t that sound better?

If you’ve never spent a weekend at a lake home, we encourage you to do so as soon as possible. If you fall madly in love with lake life, feel free to contact us, as we are able to help make this dream a reality at Montana’s premier water ski community, Rosewater.

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