Why Montana? A better question is, “why not Montana”? Just take a look at that photo! For us lucky Montanans, that is REAL life! Though the Treasure State is known for its big sky, it offers so much more. Massive mountains reach to the heavens, big open plains sprawl for endless miles, big wildlife roams the vast forests… and that’s just the beginning.

Whoever decided “everything is bigger in Texas” clearly hasn’t visited Montana.

Have you ever heard of Glacier National Park? What about Whitefish Mountain Ski Resort? Flathead Lake?

Glacier sees millions of guests every year, but the crowds quickly melt away, and every visitor can find a moment of immense peace. The lakes are robin’s egg blue, the glaciers pure white all year ‘round, and the fields bright yellow with glacier lilies. It’s quiet, the kind of quiet you can find only when you step away from civilization and the views take our breath away, again and again.

The ski resort in Whitefish, known as Big Mountain, is Northwest Montana’s best and biggest. With 3,000 acres of skiable terrain, over 100 trails, and 300 inches of snowfall per year, your powder dreams will come true on these slopes. The mountain is uncrowded, meaning you won’t wait for lines, and that fresh snowfall is all yours. And despite the low-key vibe, this resort is polished, and with all the amenities you’d expect of mountain living excellence.

Just like Glacier Park and Big Mountain, Flathead Lake, is quiet and serene, even though it’s the largest, purest lake in the west. Sail, swim, and scuba, or just relax. Visit the small, family owned restaurants and breweries that dot the shores, and soak in the culture — the crystal clear waters have inspired countless artists, and it’s easy to see why.

The lake also offers excellent blue-ribbon fishing, as do all three forks of the pristine Flathead River. In the miles and miles of public land that stretches out beyond, you can also find big game hunting ranging from black bear and elk to bighorn sheep, antelope, and mountain lion.

Purchase a lot at Rosewater, Montana’s Premier Water Skiing Community, and you’ll be mere minutes away from all of those attractions! But we admit: It might be hard to tear yourself away from home in the first place, because, after all, you’ll be living on your very own private lake.


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