We’ve got some (more) exciting news! Our team is growing and we couldn’t be happier about who is joining us, the Whitefish Lake Team from PureWest Real Estate.  Sean Averill, Matt Buckmaster, Scott Strellnauer and Crystal Crawford are a natural fit with us. They will be part of Rosewater’s sell-thru plan, since we have gained final plat status, it’s time to get you some neighbors!

PureWest Real Estate has a slogan, “relationships for life” — They realize that purchasing a house, or land or commercial investment is not simply a business transaction, it’s the start of a new chapter of life that needs to be cared for and supported. When your future neighbors decide to purchase a lot or town home at Rosewater they will have a fun, encouraging and tenacious staff of experts to help assist with the buying process.

All-in-all we are ridiculously excited to be growing and expanding our team with such knowledgable, genuine folks like the Lake Team. We can’t wait for you to meet them!


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