Welcome back, Canadian Loonie

Recently reported in local paper, The Flathead Beacon, it seems after a dip in value, the Canadian loonie made a significant comeback in value in 2017. Boasting its biggest gain since 2009, our Canadian lot owners and homeowners agree. It’s nice to see the value increase, which causes more visitation from our friendly northerly neighbors. Something we love!


From the Beacon:
The loonie was at a two-month high as of Jan. 5, climbing to a comparative worth of $0.81 in U.S. dollars. That means one U.S. dollar is worth $1.24 in Canadian currency.

That means the Canadian currency gained back 2.7 percent in value in 2017. In 2010, the loonie reached parity (equality) with the dollar, but in September 2015 the value dropped to a monthly average of .75 in U.S. dollars.

Our northern neighbors have always had a strong connection to the Flathead Valley and Rosewater. New builds, lot owners and ambassadors love the waterski lifestyle and what Rosewater offers as a community. It’s a place to vacation, connect and find inherent value at Rosewater. Centrally located in the Flathead Valley, Rosewater fits the ideal Canadian 2nd home dream opportunity.

To read the entire article from The Flathead Beacon, please click here. 


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