Winter Wonderland — all close to Rosewater!

With most of our focus, talk and lifestyle centering around what we can do in the summer, it’s only fair to discuss how amazing this area is during the beautiful winter months…which we’re experiencing as we speak.
Montana and its four distinct seasons offers plenty of outdoor recreation options for all tastes. This recent article in the winter edition of Flathead Living describes five winter destinations in northwest Montana that are a must-see. Obviously, there are more, but it’s a good start.

First, I couldn’t have described winter better myself, as Flathead Living describes winter in Montana:

“Mother Nature starts with a bare canvas by throwing down a snow blanket to hide the melancholy of landscapes drained of color and strewn with shriveled gardens and fallen leaves. She then constantly rearranges and redecorates, refreshing the landscape with each snowfall, like a newly painted room.”

First place, is obvious, but worth mentioning because Glacier National Park in the winter is breathtaking.

  1. Glacier National Park

The second place you must visit this winter, every winter is Marias Pass. As Hwy 2 makes its transition from the west to the east side, this stop provides amazing views from all angels.

2. Marias Pass

Third, Flathead Lake! With quiet boat launches, it’s amazing to see some bays full of ice while other parts of this lake are still open water.

3.  Flathead Lake

Skiing fans – – Blacktail Mountain area offers something for everyone. Downhill skiing and an amazing system of groomed trails for nordic skiing!

4. Blacktail Mountain Area

Lastly, you must take a drive and explore the gorgeous Swan Valley. Loaded with snow and an idyllic setting, it’s like a Christmas setting every day.

5. Swan Valley

Also, it should be noted this article does a great job of outlining ways to keep it wonderful — how to stay safe and happy in the outdoors during the winter. A must -read followed by a quick, must-do! Enjoy!

To read the entire article, click here.

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