The two lakes at Rosewater span 2,300 feet by 240 feet and provide an unrivaled canvas for watersports including waterskiing, paddle boarding, canoeing, kayaking, barefoot skiing, trick skiing, swimming, and relaxing.

Montana lakes are jewel-toned gems, high-alpine wonders, and places of great ecological importance. Montana lakes are equal in majesty to the mighty, famous peaks they reflect. Montana lakes are known for their clarity, cleanness, and beauty — and our man-made lakes at Rosewater are no different. Staying true to the Big Sky spirit, we maintain extremely high water quality and take special care ensuring that our state-of-the-art pumps and circulation are in excellent working order.

Rosewater sits 15 miles from Flathead Lake, the largest freshwater body west of the Mississippi. A quintessential Montana lake, it’s inspired many to embrace lakeside living, and we’ve taken many cues from its natural beauty as we sculpted Rosewater’s perfect waterskiing playground. Visit Flathead Lake with your jetski or speedboat, or to fish for rainbow, bull, and lake trout — knowing that you can always come home to the quiet and serene Rosewater. Offering affordable living and private lake access, Rosewater living feels like winding the clock back on a wonderful sliver of Flathead Lake.

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