Small Lots, Big Possibilities

When building on the small lot of a waterfront property, you don’t need a backyard. The waterfront is your backyard.

Waterfront properties are the gems of northwest Montana real estate, and they also happen to be some of the strongest assets you can find on the market.

With the recent release of Kelley’s Market Trends, statistics show that houses on small lots are some of the most versatile assets in the real estate market.

“These homes have gone through the same economic cycle that the overall housing market has,but the changes have not been quite as extreme as the overall market and they have been more resilient in their price recovery.” – From Flathead Beacon, “Kelley’s Market Trends: Homes on Small Lots”.

By owning a home on a small lot, you are not taking any more risk than you would with one that comes with more acreage. Even better, when the market does experience changes, small lots are able to bounce back and recover their value more quickly.

“When we consider that around 47% of all residential sales are homes on small lots and the fact that they have seen the fastest price increases, it is evident that homes on small lots are the strongest segment of the Flathead housing market.”

What’s better than investing in property on a small lot? Investing in property that is at the heart of one of Flathead Valley’s finest waterfront communities.

Rosewater’s offers both the unique benefits of owning reliable real estate and the lifestyle of owning waterfront property.

And Rosewater is not just for water-skiers. It’s for enjoying a cool, crisp morning from your kayak. It’s for jumping into the lake on a hot summer day or for admiring the snow-capped peaks of the Swan Mountains from the comfort of your fireplace.

Call us today to learn more about Rosewater and the waterfront lifestyle that awaits you there, 406.837.6928.

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